One Of Your Co-workers Is Originally From Saudi Arabia You Like Him And The Two Of You Work Well Together However He Stands So Close When You Speak With Him That It Makes You Very Uncomfortable? Do You Tell Him Of Your Discomfort, Or Do You Try To Co


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Kashif Naseem answered
I would tell him to back off dude, because he should know how to deal with people around office. Even if I don't mind him standing so close to me, but other people wouldnt like it and and they WILL warn him about it later....
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Imad Haddad answered
Tell him in a nice way. Say that "In our culture, we have learned to maintain a "Bubble" and I was raised this way all my life. It is difficult for me to change my ways. I prefer to maintain the bubble, with due respect. This is not just for you, but for everyone, including my own mom and dad, siblings, and friends." He will understand. If he does not understand, then he is showing you disrespect and probably trying to hit on you. Be careful.

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