How To Get My Boyfriend To Wear High Heels?


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Have you ever voiced your wish to your boyfriend? If he knows that you want him to wear heels, and he doesn't want to, then you should probably respect his wishes.

Don't pressure him if he doesn't like the idea. The thought of wearing heels (or any clothing that is more commonly associated with women) can make some guys feel uncomfortable and humiliated. You don't want to put your boyfriend in this position - if he feels embarrassed, he won't feel sexy, and the sex you'll have will reflect this.

How To Let Your Boyfriend Know That You Want Him To Wear Heels
  • Have a discussion about your fantasies. Let him share his, and tell him yours - it's important to be honest, though, or else he'll end up getting what he wants and you won't, because you haven't told him.
  • Tell your boyfriend that you really like guys wearing heels. Playfully ask him if he'd consider wearing them for you. It's important that you ask in a manner that gives him the option to refuse. If you ask too intensely, he might feel pressured into saying yes when really he doesn't want to.
  • Offer to exchange one of his fantasies (that you're comfortable with) for one of yours - for example, you wear a nurse's outfit, he wears heels.
  • If it'd help sway his decision, let him choose the pair. You can find a great choice online.
  • If your boyfriend still doesn't seem crazy about the idea, maybe ask him if he'd wear them for your birthday or something.

Remember, it's ultimately his choice - if your boyfriend is really opposed to the idea, you need to respect that, and don't ask again.
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Your boyfriend may think it is a shameful thing to wear high heels.

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