Is It Safe To Trample My Boyfriend In High Heels?


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Yes. No direct pressure on the bony knot at the sternum where the ribs connect. Be cautious around the neck and head. You can put pressure, a lot actually, on the carotid artery running up the side of the neck, but avoid directly stepping on the larynx - some pressure underneath the larynx is ok. You can easily slip and take out an eye so keep a wall or something nearby to keep balance and make sure your footing is secure before applying full weight. You should start out gentle and learning what he likes and doesn't like and how the shape of his body at any point affects your balance or potential for injury. The stomach can take quite a bit, but remember there are unprotected organs under there. As a general rule the more distributed your weight is, as in the ball of your shoe, the safer it is. The more concentrated your weight is, as in the spike of the heel, the more pounds per square inch you are applying and the riskier it becomes.

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