Is it safe to drink my boyfriends urine?


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The urine of a healthy person comes out sterile, so is safe from that point of view.  However, urine is a waste product from the body, so drinking it is bad for you over time.  Please note I said "healthy person".  If there is any chance your boyfriend has an infection you should not  have intimate relations with him and not drink his urine either.  Question - why would you want to do this anyway?
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Urine is expelled from your boyfriend's body because it is toxic to his body.

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Yo Kass
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Actually, urine is technically sterile when it leaves the bladder. It's only when it passes through the lower urethra and genitals that it potentially picks up bacteria that make it potentially harmful.

Either way though, you're right... consumption probably isn't a great idea.
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#1- why on earth would you do that? #2 no, urine is consisten of the toxins that the body excretes and they're all bad for you. There is a certain way you can drink it, but I don't know why you would want to...

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