It Is Better To Be A Girl Than To Be A Boy.


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I would say It's somewhat equal. Females have to deal with a monthly period and child birth. Males, have to deal with supporting the family (not sayin women can't take care of their own but in most households the man takes on that role whether or not the woman is working), we have to deal with the constant complaining that women do, and basically all of their wants and needs. So my opinion is that its pretty equal but what males go through is more frequent and varies between several different thing so its more stressful.....Especially because when we stress no one cares, When a woman stresses a guy takes care of her and does whatever it takes in order to relieve that stress! #Legit
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I think it's better for every one of us to stick to what we are .Nature is best at deciding whom to be girl whom to be boy, if circumstances are tuff for Girls at times; men too face extremely tough times. Life isn't easy for either of them.
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I am a girl but being a boy would be SO much easier. As Benita Lopez said, "My life would have been so much easier if I had had something dangling between my legs." This is one of my favorite quotes from George Lopez besides, "I know ha."
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I am a boy, and the truth is, I would rather be a girl.  Just because being a boy is easier doesn't mean it is better.
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I use to think it would be a lot easier to be a boy. But there are some boys that want to be girls. God made us to be who we are. To be honest I wish I was a boy.

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Being a boy I think we have it somewhat easier. We don't have to worry about periods and usually girls don't gawk at us like boys do to girls.
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Well, I like being a girl because I'm a girl! :)
but we can't say its better to be a girl than to be a boy..
Boys like being boys because they r boys :P
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From what I've seen, people are nicer to girls, but don't take them as seriously. So if I had the choice, I'd remain male.
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Well just be you being you iz the best thing to be and just be happy who you r cause that is just the best plz comment.
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I wud love 2 b a boy....m already called m cool.....but at the end of the day ,....I h8 being a girl
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Well I can't exactly say because ive never been a boy=) but I can't just say being a boy is easier because I don't know. Okay fair enough that girls have to go through periods, childbirth and handling the kids but boys have to deal with our every need or else we'll bite their heads off=)

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