Is 15 Too Young To Be Sexually Active?


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15 is not too young at all. It is actually the perfect age because there r no strings attached, you r probably not going to marry the person you have sex when your 15 ... As long as you use proper protection because having a child at the age of 15 (as much as you may love that child) will mess up your life pretty badly
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If you have had sex you can't go back to holding hands!!  The boy might even make fun of you at school!!!  You should go to your family doctor or the local health dept and have STD testing HIV test also.  Some STD's don't show up right away, they can take up to a year and HIV can lay dormant for years.

If you want to have the best sex of your life...then wait till you are older and in a committed relationship.  By that I mean have a ring and a date!!!

You can get STD's from oral sex also! (including HIV)
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I'm 15, and I don't think it is at all. Screw all you who do! If you're ready, you're ready. Just do it for the right reasons..
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15 is not too young but as already brought out be sensible about it and be on pill or use protection
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Yes. WAY too young. You should want to save yourself for your future husband. The bible tells us to wait until marriage.
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15 is way to young!!!!  Do your parents even know.  Geez That is WAY to young.  Think about why.  It should be rather obvious
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sarah s
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My parent's don't know. I already had sex and i still don't understand why 15 is to young? Thanks for taking time out of your day to answer my question:)
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I would say most definately YES . You are a little too young yet. Do not feel under any pressure and wait 2-3 years at least .
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Frankly yes, I believe it is too young. 15 year old girls can not possibly fathom the tremendous risks and possibilities of disease and pregnancy. No matter how mature they think they are, they will be taking risks, with not only their life, but the possibility of another life, which they are not prepared in any way to take responsibility for. I don't care how many diapers they have changed, or how many baby dolls they have played with, they are not emotionally ready for motherhood. Is it fair to the baby or the adults in their life to put such a burden on them. Your parents love you. Is it fair to risk the life that your loved ones treasure so that you can be considered cool by the local guys. Each 15 year old girl is a child of God, who wants them to have a full, happy, and productive life. Pregnancy will kill most of your dreams and opportunities at the tender age of 15. Have you considered the consequence of raising a child in dire poverty. No more clothes, no more parties, worrying about how you will give your child the start they need in life to be successful. I am a Christian who was a single mother at age 32 due to carelessness and 'LOVE' which was as fleeting as your childhood when you engage in sex at such an age. Bless You Child....*p
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Sarah Salisbury
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Idk if anyone has noticed but a women who is 30 can be as unfit a mother as any 15 year old No matter what age you are you still take risks but if you never take a risk your life can never move forward. If your parents never let u walk on your own they would always hold onto your hand u would still be dependant on that hand and unable to properlry walk, if they took the risk let go of your hand and let you take a couple steps by yourself even if you fell you would be better than u were before
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My point is that everyone has to take risks at some stage in their lives and sometimes if that risk was a mistake you learn from it . Just like the first time you walk by yourself you are likely to fall but the next time you walk you will be more cautious and try not to do what made you fall the last time ..... Ohhh and i dont think 15 is too young for sex at all

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