What are the Advantages/disadvantages of bein sexually active as a highschool student?


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Trysten Cramer answered
I wouldn't know from experience because I'm in high school and still a virgin but a lot of my friends are having sex so I know how it is. Advantages I've been told: It feels good. It's a good way to experiment. You might love the boy (or girl depending on your taste). Disadvantages: You may get pregnant. You can get STDs (there are so many you should look into some research so you know). It is distracting from school and work. If you get pregnant, it could ruin your life and all hopes for major aspiration in life at this age. The boy may not love you. The boy could be a jerk and spread it around the school (who do you think usually gets labeled a slut. Not him so why should he care who knows??) When rumors of you having sex spread around the school, you may seem easy or slutty (not to be rude). You can lose respect from people that you care about. There are so many disadvantages of sex at this age it's not even funny. It is dangerous to your physical and sometimes mental health. I say you should wait, but who's going to listen to some preaching teenager? If you do have sex, make sure it's atleast with a decent guy and you use protection! Take care and hope this helped!
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When my high school boyfriend & I started having sex it was exciting to know what we were doing could get us in trouble! One of the advantages is that you can experience it! It can be exciting! A great disadvantage is that you can get pregnant! I ended up marrying him nd now we have 5 yrs together which was a great advantage for me!!!
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Advantage your  losing your virginity before  marriage
Disadvantage you could  get pregnant  and its
wrong in Christ  eyes
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Disadvantages are being distracted from  schoolwork.

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