What Are The Disadvantages Of Sex Education


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There are not many disadvantages to sex education, but it can scare someone too much and in some ways it could eliminate talks with the children's parents.

  • Parental responsibility
There are some that argue it is the parent's responsibility to teach sex education. TV shows have made a parody of this fact for generations. The truth is that there are some responsible parents who take the time to teach sex education, but not all parents are the same. Some parents may ignore their children or be "too busy" to deal with the issue when the time is appropriate and therefore it is left up to the child to find other avenues to teach them.

  • Peers
Peers of your children may not have all the answers. Those who are already sexually active may not be aware of all of the risks. Those who are not may not have all the answers either. When children are left to find the answers among themselves a lot of myths can be spread around, thus creating even more dangerous situations.

  • School sex education
Sex education taught in the school system has long been debated as right or wrong. There are some who believe it is wholly wrong for the school to get involved in such a sensitive topic. They may believe this because they feel parents should do the talking or it may be down to religious reasons.

What is known is that choosing the wrong age to introduce sex education can scare the children, not only into abstinence but also into having other issues. There is also choosing an age that is too late to teach sex ed such as the 7th grade. Most females start menstruating in 5th or 6th grade. For some, sex ed can reduce the talks between parents due to shyness or worry.
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I think this is not reasonable cause it manipulate the innocent of a   person, he   or she maybe try it if his   her curiosity edify his herself.
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I'm sure people will say that it causes children to think about sex at an earlier age, and therefore to start having sex at an earlier age, but there really is no conclusive evidence to support that. The only disadvantage that I see is having your child learn about sex through a government-approved program, the likes of which could teach "abstinence only" sexual education. I firmly believe that it is a parent's duty to talk about sex with their children, not the government's or the school's.
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It doesnt tel you every you need to know because they keep it clean

also if your like me it makes you think about sex to much & you want to find out for yourself
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Well, for example, my friends and I learned things in sex ed. That have changed us for the worse. We are now highly perverted, and we can't help it. Sex ed. Shouldn't be given to fourth graders. Now, in 7th, I see how my actions have led me away from some good opportunities. Sex ed. In most schools is given too early.

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