What Are The Disadvantages Of Having Unprotected Sex?


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There are plenty of disadvantages to having unprotected sex – not only do you risk getting pregnant, but you might catch a life-threatening disease.

Unwanted Pregnancy
If you’re not using contraception, there’s a good chance you could end up getting your partner pregnant.

You need to be responsible and considerate – it’s not fair to put a girl through abortion or pregnancy just because you don’t want use a condom.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections
This is less of a risk if you’re in a monogamous relationship and you’ve both been tested for STIs, but if you hook up with someone you don’t know very well, you’re putting yourself at risk of contracting something nasty.

Just think – if someone is willing to sleep with you without using protection, and they don’t know you all that well, they’ve probably done the same with a lot of other people. Some STIs like Chlamydia don’t even have any visible symptoms, but they can cause serious fertility problems.

The only way to protect yourself from sexually-transmitted diseases is by using a condom - hormone-based birth control will only prevent pregnancy.
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Dangers of having unprotected sex include STDs, unwanted pregnancy, risks of abortion etc.

But the dangers of premarital sex which is biblically called "fornication" include HELL (Eternal damnation), 1 Corinthians 6:18-20. Why risk the loss of your soul forever for a short-lived pleasure?
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The disadvantages are that you risk unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Some of them have no cure. Why risk your life by not using protection?
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You are kidding, right?

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