What Can I Use To Master Bate Around My House Without My Mom And Dad Finding Out Plz Help I Am Getting Bored With The Same Old Stuff?


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Well that depends on whether you are a female or male. It is easy to find things around the house if you are a female. A female can use anything that vibrates, or is long. Just remember that is has to be sanitary or it can cause infection. Now if you are a male about the only thing you can use is a sock or find a bottle or jar that has a large enough opening and be sure to place some kind of lubrication. And the sanitation also applies for men as well. Just use your imagination and you will come up with something.
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I am a girl so do you have anymore
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Well for things around the household you can use those spin brush tooth-brushes. They vibrate really well. You can also use vegetables such as cucumbers and carrot sticks. If you are really courageous you can even use corn dogs. But probably the easiest thing to come by would be anything like a bottle end that would fit and feel good. If your parents drink empty beer bottles work well because you want get caught. They were already in the trash so when you are done just throw it back in the trash

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