What Are The Effects Of Withdrawal Method?


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The withdrawal method (also called the pull out method) is non-hormonal.  It does not have any side effects like most other methods do.  But it is not as effective as many other methods either, especially for younger couples.

Some guys get caught up in the moment and have trouble stopping.  That's especially true for younger men.

Pre-ejaculate is fluid that comes out before a guy has an orgasm.  Most guys cannot feel it or stop it.  Pre-ejaculate does not usually contain sperm.  But pre-ejaculate can pick up leftover sperm on its way out of the guy's body.  That means it can cause pregnancy.  To reduce the chance of pre-ejaculate picking up any leftover sperm, guys should make sure they pee after they ejaculate.  That will flush the leftover sperm out.

For couples who are mature, have self-control, have some knowledge of their bodies, and wouldn't be too put out if they get pregnant, the withdrawal method can be safe and fairly effective.  It is not recommended as a sole method of birth control for teens since it is far less effective for them.  It is also not a good sole method for people who don't have a lot of self-control, people who don't fully understand how it works, or people who really don't want to get pregnant right now.  But even in those cases, it can make a decent backup method to use in addition to another form of birth control.

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