What Are The Side-effect Of Using Withdrawal Method?


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9 months down the road you could know the answer. Its a myth that "pulling out" works. Guys have know the juice that lubes you up when your ready to go....that can get a chick pregnant. I'd suggest using condoms always! 1 out of 3 kids nowadays will have an STD by the time they are 25. Always wrap it up!
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Lol, trust me shes telling the truth about that, I have a teenager to prove it.

I also ave a 0.3 pill baby... Lol, there was a reason the contraception pill isn't claimed to be %100 effective.

Condoms are the only thing you can trust..  
I would like to add about the STD's.. Its not always the ones you know you have that are a problem either..
Men and women can pass a virus around that lays dormant for many years. I know when I was diagnosed wit cervical cancer I was told the cause was likely to  HPV ( human parvo la virus  * is that how its spelt*). And I'm like what the heck!!! I have NEVER had an STD.. And then IT occurred to me , I could actually die form a STD I never knew I had.. And then I wondered, was unprotected sex really worth my life ?

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