Are Their Any See Through For Men Panties?


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mek nic answered will make you a pair that will trap you in them for your GF or wife to look at(if you get the shear fabric on the outside panel) once shes got you in the womans style with the opening 2 inches lower...the narrow crotch and hight cut once she gets you in them and slip your prize threw the opening you sure are getting out of them till your down again!!!  Oh yes she will like the veiw...but mmm just try to get it back down will be the problem....only one way!!!LOL  have fun picking colors!!!
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What is the full URL? I thought this maybe the person on eBay but they do not turn up in an ebay search.
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Sure ... You can buy them at the same places women shop for panties, choosing the colour and style you like with lace panels.  I buy mine at places like Victoria's Secret and I have found the sales people to be very helpful, especially when they ask who I am buying for and I tell them it is for me.
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Have a look for yourself on the various websites which you can find through an internet search.

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