How Do You Phrase "No Children" In A Wedding Invitation?


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Stating on a wedding invitation that you don't want children to attend can be tricky, especially since a lot of people consider wedding celebrations to include everyone. However, there are some ways you can be clear without being rude. Firstly, you may want to consider listing the events at the wedding which are not child friendly so people subtly get the idea. For example, you can mention that the wedding reception will not finish until very late and there will be alcohol available. This is a good approach before stating your 'no children' policy. In addition, you may want to write that the furniture and the equipment at your wedding is very expensive and that you will not be held responsible if anything is damaged by the children.

You need to be firm in your statement but without being rude so make sure you emphasise the fact that it is a celebration for adults only. At the end of the day this is your wedding and the guests should adhere to the choices you've made because if you come across as too passive in your invitation then they may end up bringing their kids anyway. However, you must not write something like 'children not allowed' because this is too blunt and negative which may cause an offence to your guests who have children. If you're resigned to the fact that you won't be able to stop kids from coming you could always check with the reception venue if they have any day care services. This way, the children won't be part of the reception, however guests can still bring their children.
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Or you could just write "adult reception". And don't worry, your guests will understand. Wedding are quite an expense these days.
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Seriously !! Wedding are quite an expense these days. that is the only reason i didn't marry yet, even advising you to think 100 times..hahah just kidding.
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We put an addendum inside the envelope that stated, although the bride and groom love children, the reception is for those twelve years and older. Newborns always welcome.    Although this was awkward the populace of this town are thick and needed to have things spelled out for them. It is hard to dance at a reception with kids running around the dance floor and even more awkward trying to encourage parents to corral there diminutive monsters. Hopefully this works.
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Don't put it on the invitation. In small print on the reply card say something to the effect that "We want this to be a special and reverent occasion and request that babies and young children be left at home."
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Simply mention on your invitation card " ONLY 2 PEOPLE/PERSON"
Or " Invitation card for only 2 person ".
don't write Mr X and his family
, despite highly specify
Only "For Mr and Mrs X", This will make them understand clearly that invitation is for only them and not for their children. Am sure it'll work
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My oldest son married last year. We tried the phone calls and word of mouth- it didn't work. This year my youngest is getting married..The invitations will say at the bottom
"Adult Only Event"
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"Adult Only Event" printed at the bottom of invitation should take care of it. If you receive
an RSVP from people and suspect they have included their children then you should call
them and explain that as much as you adore their little miracles. If your children attend then someone else will think you are playing favorites for them "which you would of course" but cant.
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At the bottom : Leave the rugrats at home!

No, I'm just kidding. It seems that "Adult reception" is the formal way to put it on the invitation.

If you meant for the ceremony and reception, that may be a tad more difficult because people wont 'get it' why the kids can't come.
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My RSVP cards simply stated Adults Only...2 per invite.
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If some of your guests are older married couples, with children, you might have no-shows if you exclude children from the wedding/reception. If it is a church wedding, lots of churches have areas for children during the service. The expense might not be so great if you also had a separate area for children at the reception and hired two or three experienced high-school age baby sitters to conduct activities for the kids to enjoy; another thought, a few popular movies, Jumanji is a great candidate. You just might get a few more gifts.
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You can have a reminder in the invitation, “This is for Adults only.” Although the couple loves children, they want this to be a special and reverant occasion. So, they request that babies and young children be left at home.

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Please no children, Thank You. That could be one way of putting it, blunt and a little rude, but most people should understand. Is this a no children wedding or just the reception?
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Here is a poem I have used on gets the message across loud and clear:

Some mothers act like they have rabies
When it comes to their kids and their babies
When the invite says no
To the children in tow
It means no if's, buts or maybes!
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You need to accommodate parents with young babies especially those who are still breast feeding.  Trust me you will lose friends over it.  If you then say: If they can't work something out then they are not a good enough friend, they will be saying it right back as they are very attached to their baby.
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This is NOT a good policy. If you have friends who have children let them know WHY you do NOT want their kids there. They are responsible for the kids and more than likely will take them home early. Kids should be allowed at weddings and that is why they have a flower child and all of the other positions for children. If you just do NOT want them there which is extremely sad then just say "Adults Only" on the wedding invite.

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