What Is The Proper Way To Compose A Wedding Invitation?


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This rather depends on the culture to which you belong, as each culture has their own protocol for wedding invitations. It also depends if the wedding is to be formal or informal.
In an English context, regarding a traditional formal wedding, the invitation for the wedding, is sent out to the guests by the parents of the bride, and would follow the following kind of wording.

Mr and Mrs Harry Blain of 16 Gough Lane, London, request the pleasure of company of Mr and Mrs John Smith at the reception, on the occasion of the marriage of their eldest daughter, Mary Elizabeth Blain to James Percival Brown, youngest Son of Mr and Mrs Ian Douglas Brown of Chancellor Lane, Bath.

Marriage ceremony at St Albans Church, at 4pm followed by the reception at the George V1th room at Claridges hotel at 6pm.
Dress: Morning suit
RSPV by 4th april, to 20 4567823.
No children please.

An informal wedding invitation, can be sent out by the couple themselves, and is often the case for a second marriage. This may simply say:
Please join us on the happy occasion of our marriage at the registry office in London, at 11am, and then later at the reception in the Savoy room in Dorset hotel, for a lunch party.
Dress: Smart casual.
RSPV: Suzie at 02045673
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Laurie and I would love you to join us at a reception celebrating our marriage on the seventeenth of June, two thousand nine
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Wedding is a very much formal events. There certain rules of etiquette are existed for truly formal events or occasions like marriage. In the time of composing an invitation there some rules should be remembered. In case of less formal as well as non formal occasions there is a chance for our creativity. The rules of etiquette
Are suggested below:

• In case of wedding invitations names should be written in full and the middle name should be used. But middle names could also be omitted as requirement. It's pretty good to not use the initials of the middle name.

• Unless the host prefers the American spelling rules, try to use the British rules of spelling. That means in the invitation card the spelling should be like 'honour' or 'favour'.
• Roman numerals should be used in the wedding invitations. It's better to write 'John Cena II' in spite of 'John Cena 2nd' or 'John Cena second.

• All the words should be spelled out. The hour, the date and time and the place also are to be written in the invitation card.

• There are certain rules of etiquette in aspect of wedding invitations. If the wedding is happening in a place of worship, 'required the honour of your presence' is a very common phrase but when we are getting married in non-religious settings or in someone's home, the phrases is changed as 'request the pleasure of your company.
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Wedding invites can be composed in different format and language. It can be both formal and informal. But it purely depends on the couple as to how do they wish to have it put forth. The best trend nowadays is to send ecards via social media platforms. It is the easiest and swiftest method of sendingwedding invitation cards, save the date cards to your attendees, Try it! I am sure you'll love it!

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Standard stiquette would be if the parents are funding the wedding it would go something like this "Mr & Mrs Joe Johnson cordially invite you to attend the wedding of their daughter Julie Johnson and Jack Jones son of Mr & Mrs Barry Jones"

if the couple is paying for the wedding "You are cordially invited to attend the wedding nuptials of Julie Johnson and Jack Jones"

check and for other tips

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Composing a wedding invitation is creative task. The basic principal of composing a wedding invitation is wedding invitation sayings in the invitation. Selection of words and wedding saying in the invitation will inform your wedding guest that they are invited to attend wedding in a polite way.
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Can someone advise me whose name to mention first in the invitation either formal or in formal? The bride's or the groom's? Thank you..

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