How Do You Make A Wedding Wishing Well?


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I need a diagram of how to make a wedding wishing well
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When they are referring to a wishing well they are not actually referring to a hole in the ground measuring fifty feet but just a place where gifts in the form of money or presents and suggestions and tips can be left or deposited. It is a tradition from who knows when and you can easily make a well on your own. You will need a wire mesh for the main body of the well. You will have to double this over and fold it into a circle around three to four feet in diameter. Cover this over with paper or paper Mache and paint it black with white outlines in the form of a stone well. Paint and place black chart paper at the bottom as well. Now place two circular pieces of lacquered wood five to six feet high at opposite sides of the well and place a third log between these two. You can use a nice decorated wooden bucket tied to the flat beam like log as a prop. A whole lot of lace, ribbons, flowers and balloons can be used as decoration as well.
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Umm were do i find pictures aka diagrams with step by step instructions on making a wishing well
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Wedding wishing wells are a traditional part of receptions. Guests write a wish for the new couple on a piece of paper and drop it into the well. Later the couple gets to read all the wonderful wishes people wished for them and their future. These can also be put on cards and even used in presents if you build a large, full-scale-size well. Building a wishing well involves a lot of creativity and some basic supplies.

1. Making the Well Base

2. Attaching a Roof

3. Adding a Bucket

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I want to make a wishing well out of craft sticks

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