Can A Person Make A Real Freind?


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Feifei Hou answered
Absolutely, You can! If you try it hard with your real heart! If you are nice and real to your friends, I think they'll be nice to you as well. Treating others the way YOU WANT TO BE TREATED! So if you want to make a real friend, show your real heart first!
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Robyn Rothman answered
Real friends may be hard to come by, but they exist. Real friendship between two people takes acceptance, trust, givng of oneself, honesty, compassion, and love. A real friend accepts you as you are, including all your shortcomings as well as your strengths. A real friend will stand by you in times of trouble, not just in the good times. A good friend will come bail you out of jail. But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "WE screwed up, but we had fun!"

Two gentlemen were out for a walk. One turned to his companion and said, "I would go up to the gates of hell for a friend." The other said, "Yes, but I would go in." There really are people like that. Get the picture?
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mark ssali answered
We are in the world of humans who by nature will fail to live to our expectations.You only have to learn to trust them that regardless of what happens you will love them anyway.If you master that then a few will come by ready to reciprocate that you are willing to give. It has to always first start with you.You can't look for a good friend when you yourself are not.The life principle is give and it shall be given. In fact finding a true friend, I equate it to getting honey from a hive. You must be ready to be stung by the bees.
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Selie Visa answered
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

But don't wait, be the first to do it. Go the extra mile.
AISHA WAJID answered
Yes Offcourse!!!

If a person is good, caring and sincere, Then any friend of Her/his will also provide the same feedback, even if not now than after some time.But its sure that if you are sincere with any person the other person will also realise this at some time.

The person who is good with others and have a sweet heart will also receive goodness and sweetnes in return.Thats why its said,

But do remember one thing,that ,never ever expect any good thing from others because your expectations can make you feel sad sometime. Be good with others regardless of any rewards, I'm sure you will get good in return.

Be happy and take care.

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