What's Going To Happen In My Love Life?


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Want to know if my life will get better
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Time and Change. You are always capable of falling in love and working on a relationship as it evolves. There will be opportunities to love someone and develop relationships. Love is bittersweet and can cause happiness and sorrow. You and your daughter will have your ups and downs but she will always be your daughter and you will always be her mother. Be a good mother and an understanding mother and give her time to mature and understand the ties between you. And always be a good friend to your daughter. Life is change - sometimes good, sometimes bad but always cherished.
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You will meet a wonderful man and be very happy. You will mend your relationship with your daughter, but she will from time to time be embarassed by your vigourous and noisy bedroom antics.
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My name is roselia and I am 40 year's old every thing is going bad in my life

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