How Do I Stop My Younger Sister From Bullying Me And My Other Sister?


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The first thing you should do, you should tell your parents. If that does not work, find out what she is afraid of; we all fear something and then use that against her. Tell her if she stops bulling you and your sister, then you will stop scaring her. It is not my best advice, but it will work. I know you are afraid, but if you learn to stand up to her she will soon leave you alone. Take care.
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My younger sister is such a bully. I get in trouble if I tell my parents what she is doing and when I don't give her what she wants she goes straight to them and I get in trouble. Either way I lose out. I'm so sick of it and want it to stop. What can I do?
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Stand up to her. Tell her No!! In no uncertain terms. A bully is a bully because people are afraid of them and don't stand up to them.Underneath they are sad and want control. They bully so they can have control. There are many articles about bullying on line search Bully..on your web browser. Get informed. Don't hit her if she hits you. Tell her you love her and want to be her friend but you won't tolerate her bossiness and pushing you around. There is more info at www.No Good Luck let us know how you get on.....
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I know what 2 do get your her and duck  tape her to a chair in a closet for 2-4 hours

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