How Do I Look Up My Sisters LPN License Number?


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Know the state issuing the license.  
Know the name of the department in the state that issued the license.
Know the name in which your sister obtained the license.

Find the department’s web site that issues the LPN license and then you will find a page to search for license holders.  In the search box, type in the name in which she obtained the license.
Sometimes you may also call a phone number provided on the web site.

More background:

If by LPN you mean “Licensed Practical Nurse” in the United States of America, those are typically license numbers issued by an executive branch department of a state government as distinguished from the federal government.

Most state departments have web sites on the Internet with the capability to search Licensed Practical Nurse licenses if you know the name of the license holder — in this case your sister.

Most Licensed Practical Nurse licenses are issued by departments that regulate Health Care, or Professions, or Businesses in the state.  

Good luck.

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