How Do You Get On The Baby Gerber Commercials?


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Depending on where you live will determine the size off your market and what is available to you. Not all areas shoot commercials, movies/tv shows, and print ads regularly; let alone at all. I would start by looking at modeling & acting agencies in your ares or the nearest larger city (Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc) and then I would contact them and ask them what their submission requirements are. Babies under 4 can work from snap shots alone if your handy with a camera. Some people, I've noticed, have no camera talent. Every momy has pro baby pictures done sooner or later. Olan Mills and Sears portriat shots work just as well. You do not need a big expensive photoshoot for a baby that wil change dramatically withinthe next 3 mos.

April Mills Ent - Los Angeles

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