What Are The Basic Problems Faced By Adolescents?


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Adolescence can be a tough time – you’re growing and changing in so many different ways, all at once. Nobody knows what to expect!

Main Difficulties of Adolescence
  • Puberty: Physical Effects - I’m talking about the physical impact of puberty here, but we’ll go onto the hormonal effects next. Your body changes a lot during adolescence – obviously, it’s completely different for guys and girls, but neither sex has it easy.
  • Puberty: Hormonal Effects - A lot of the physical effects of puberty are caused by hormones, and the emotional effects are no different. You might find yourself tearful or agitated for no reason – some people even feel aggressive. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to escape this; instead, you just need to learn how to deal with it.
  • Peer Pressure - There will always be people who are determined to grow up faster than their peers, but you don’t need to follow their lead. It might seem as if underage sex, drinking and drug-taking is the “in” thing to do, but remember – they’re just doing it to impress other people.
  • Dating and Relationships - With everyone’s hormones up in the air, it’s no wonder adolescent dating can seem so complicated. Not to mention, everybody’s new to dating, so it’s all still trial and error at this stage.
  • Parent/Teenager Conflicts - This can be frustrating for both adolescents and parents alike. Your parents still want to take care of you, and you might feel as if they’re treating you like a child. Rules and curfews are the cause of much conflict between parents and teens. You need to remember that they’re not doing it to ruin your life, though.
1) Peer Pressure
2) Falling in love too soon, too quickly or too fast
3) Acceptance
4) Parent Conflicts
5) Alcohol or Drug Abuse

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