What Are The Psychological Problems Of Adolescent?


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Is it is a common known fact that adolescence is a crucial age where one is between being a chid and an adult. Firstly it is at this age that they need to be accepted. And to get accepted by their group they will go to any extent. This genuinely tends to cause an identity crisis where they tend to forget who they are and start to imitate their friends. Some become victims of peer pressure and start to smoke, consume alcohol or steal and much more.

Then it is at this age when they are easily influenced. It is here when the need of being loved and accepted is at its peak, especially due the bodily changes. Again here some fall prey of diseases like Bulimia and Anorexia. Drug addiction is also quite common among the youth. Some who begin with plain old curiosity, while some influenced by media and peer and simply thinking that drugs and alcohol is the only cure to their problem.

All you parents please remember that adolescence is the age when the child is learning and discovering himself. All the pressure you create also adds on to the other pressure caused by broken homes, sexual orientation, peer groups and media.

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