Which Gifts Act As Symbol Of Love For The First Five Wedding Anniversaries And What Are Their Meanings?


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Certain gifts are considered to be symbols of love and eternity and are exchanged usually by couples on their wedding anniversaries. Every year couples gift each other different gifts which have different symbols and meanings.

Usually couples gift each other items made out of paper on their first anniversaries which is a symbol of strength that is gained from connected fibers. It is a symbol of eternal and time less love. Gifts that can be given in the form of paper are tickets to an opera show, a photo album full of different memories, a signed autograph of a famous celebrity, or even a self written poem on a piece of paper.

Cotton is symbolizes wealth and strength that is on the second anniversary many couples gift each other items made out of cotton. Gift items include cotton towels, tee shirts, cotton bathrobes, cotton bed sheets and etc.

On the third anniversary people usually choose leather items because they are a symbol of durability. The best option would be a leather wallet, hand bag, briefcase, file, a belt or even a leather key chain with the partner's name engrossed on it.

Fruits and flowers are a symbol of a successful and promising relationship between couples, and is a practical way of showing each other's love. Usually a basket of mixed fruits would be the best option or any bouquet of flower which your partner loves.

On the fifth wedding anniversary couples can gift each other items made out of wood, because it symbolizes a well-built and long lasting marriage. A very cute idea which most couples implement on is planting a tree together and let it grow. A nice wooden photo album with a good picture is also a good idea.

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