What Is The Best Time Of A Woman's Cycle To Have Sex And Avoid Her Getting Pregnant,and I'm Not Sure About This But What Is The Best Brand Of Condom I Should Be Using?


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You've asked about the best time of having intimate relation with your partner and at the same time you want to avoid from getting pregnant. Well, first of all you must understand the menstruation cycle which occurs. Supposing that you're a normal female and you get normal menses and your cycle is normal it is of 28 days generally. After that your menstruation starts and it would be from 3 days to one week normally. As soon as you get rid of the menses you can now have relations with your partner. And if you'd have your relation in first 2 weeks the chances to get pregnant are very few in they are almost zero in this case.

It is because a female's ovary releases ovals after 14 days to proceed with male spermatozoa. Hence after 14 days in normal circumstances you've to use condom.
Now you've asked about the best brand about condoms that are those condoms which are lubricated and saved for having sex with your partners. Some condoms are specially designed for this purpose so that they can stop the STDs( sexually transmitted diseases) you should use that kind of condoms.
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You should never go by your cycle as it doesn't always stay the same every month, contraceptive is the best method - the pill, injection, condoms etc

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