What Can I Make My Sister For Her Birthday?


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Having a sister as a sibling is one of the best feelings. We share a unique bond with our sisters. From motherly care to friendly affection and even being the advisor at times when we are low. Keeping all the different emotions in mind, we have curated unique birthday gift ideas for sister that will make her special day even more memorable.

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Make her a really lovely birthday card with your own words in it.  

You did not say how old your sister will be but I have found a website for you with lots of ideas on homemade presents.  Hope your sister has a fantastic birthday and give her a birthday kiss from me!

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Hard to know without knowing how old your sis is.  I see a card has already been suggested, that's a good start.  Would I be too off base in suggesting you make her a cake?   You're probably asking for a gift idea.  Your the one who knows your sister best so its hard to make any concrete recommendation.  If making it yourself is what your want you can always go check out the handmade gifts on the sites dedicated to those types of things to see if you get any ideas, once you find what you want to make then you can search for instructions or a how-to for making it yourself!

Hope you find something your sis likes and wish her a happy birthday!
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Ummm you can make a cake or make her a good breakfast in the morning.
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One more suggestion - this will have to involve your parents. Ask Mom and Dad if you can have photos of you and your sister that has been taken over the years. They should be casual shots taken at a family picnic or at a birthday party etc and put them in order of year. Then put them all in an album along with a letter telling her how much she means to you and wishing her a happy birthday. The older the 2 of you are the bigger the album will be and the more your sister will love it (and you).

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