What Should I Do If I Like My Cousin?


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Liking your cousin is pretty normal, its nothing to get overly worried about - but you'll have to accept that nothing can come of this relationship.

Depending on what part of the world you're in, a relationship with your own cousin could be illegal.

And, apart from that, there are a whole bunch of ethical, moral and biological problems that you'd face if you decided to date your cousin.

Liking your cousin

I totally know where you're coming from with this question, as I too had a bit of a crush on my cousin.

He's a really handsome guy, and was always really kind to me when we were kids - but despite my secret crush, I never acted upon my feelings.

Here are a few reasons you shouldn't date your cousin:

In my opinion, the following points are all things you should consider before entering into a relationship with your cousin:

  • If you ever had sex and got pregnant, there is a higher risk that your child would have birth defects.
  • It might cause you to be socially-stigmatized. People would look at you and treat you differently if you dated your cousin.
  • Many Religions have strong views against cousins entering into relationships
  • Marrying your cousin is illegal in many parts of the world, including the 24 different US states.

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No, I don't think you should tell him. It might lead to a lifetime of awkwardness...just cherish the friendship you have with him.
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You know, I like one of my cousins too. I really don't think there's anything wrong about it (in the end we all came from the same blood either way).

I told him and it turned out that he liked me too! I think you should go for it! If he likes you back great! If not, well you tried, hon! Hope this helped.
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Just keep your attraction for him as a fantasy.

It is normal to find a cousin attractive, you grow up around each other as kids, watch each other develop, you aren't close enough to be like brother and sister but you do have a closeness that is easier than what you have with other boys/girls at school.

However, he IS a member of your blood family and maybe you don't feel closely-related to him but remember this, his parents and your parents are full-blown siblings - how much closer of a relation can you get?

I would forget about ever acting on this and just enjoy the feeling you get when you see him, keep it as a fantasy. Hope I helped!
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I suggest you do not say anything. If he doesn't have the same feelings towards you, imagine how awkward that would be.

"Remember that time you asked me out?" If you want that forever, than go right ahead. I'm just saying this because chances are he does not like you back.
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I'll assume you are very young so instead of saying something blurtit won't like I'll simply say: BAD GIRL, STOP AND STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!
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Well He is really cute and I cant stare at him right in the eye cause then i will start to smile and he will ask why
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If you are saying that you like him like you would want to date him...no, don't tell him because that is family and it is not a good thing if you like your own kin like that.

I would say to put it in the back of your mind and leave it there.
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You shouldn't not like him or just be friends cause he is your cousin - to be honest I have a crush on a cousin too.

Just don't directly tell him, make sure he likes you first or try (if he has Facebook) making a new Facebook account and calling it "who is the big winner". Ask him what do you look for in a girl, if you answer with the truth you will get 10000000 dollars!

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