How Would You Make A Priceless Gift At Father's Day?


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Asma nawaz answered
It is very easy to make a priceless gift in no time. We have lots of things in our home, which can be used for making a priceless gift. Priceless gift would be a photo-frame made of colored paper. The things required for making photo-frame are:
Colored paper (6 inches long and 6 inches wide)
Red Glitter Silver Fomic sheet

Took red colored paper and cut it from middle side and left two inches paper on both sides of frame. Then took fomic sheet and also cut in same way. Paste the fomic sheet and colored paper with glue. We use the fomic sheet for keeping the frame straight. Then we took red paper side and make designs, flowers or butterflies on the four sides of frame. And also make a loop on the backside of frame for hanging. Then keep it for drying. Took a beautiful family picture and set inside the photo-frame. It will prove a very beautiful and memorable gift. It is not only for father's day we can make this type of gift at any special occasion.
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In speaking of priceless gift that I can offer to my father is my love that no one could buy nor purchase it because it can only be found within us another is my abiding presence to my father in sorrows and joy I must be there for him so that I can comfort him.

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