I just got called something terrible by my husband's cousin, and my husband just stood there. What should I do?


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That's definitely not okay, but before you get angry, try talking to your husband. Maybe there's a reason he didn't say anything then, or maybe he plans on speaking to his cousin in private later. You could possibly ask the cousin why they don't like you and say that you want to understand what you did wrong so that you don't do it again and you can try to get along better. By saying that you want to understand their point of view, you're moving the focus off of them and showing that you are open to beig friends. This makes you the bigger person and is more likely to make the cousin feel guilty about what they have done because they will see that you are really a nice person. Good luck :)

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Natalie  Hutto
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The whole thing happened when my dog got out of the yard and his cousin don't like my dog so he came over here trying to fight everybody and kill my dog and I was yelling at him to go away and his cousin called me all if that and my husband just stood there.
Taylor Brookes
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He sounds like a pretty angry person! Its possible he didn't really mean it and he was just mad, but its not really okay that no-one did anything about it because then he will just do it again.
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Its always best to talk things over, tell your husband how you feel & then hear him out on why he didnt act.

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