If You Are Having A Midlife Crisis, How Does That Manifest Itself To You?


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Just because you fire up your wardrobe does not mean you are having a midlife crisis. Get that notion right out of your head. I don't own a HD Trike because I had a longing to recapture youth gone by - I ride it because all my kids are grown and now I could AFFORD it! A midlife crisis is Joan Rivers spending mucho dinero on every plastic surgery known to medical science to look younger! If you do that, then you have a valid question!
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I know many people who are not that old and going through the change of life, and have mid-life crisis. This is just what happens to people. But we all go through crisis, and mid-life crisis. I have not had my mid-life crisis yet, I don't believe. But I am always in crisis it seems. I am sure I will have mine one day. It doesnt matter what one looks like, it is the persons heart. You must and need to believe in yourself. It is fun to go out and buy clothes, and wear new outfits, and wigs, and hair pieces, etc. There is nothing wrong with that. I would love to look like a diva when I get older. Even now, but I got a bad hair cut so I am going to go and buy a hair piece or some thing to help with this, I hope.
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Mid Life crisis certainly started slapping me around when my second (and final) child left home. Even though at the time I was still a career person, I still felt that my biggest purpose in life had been taken from me somehow. There was and is still, an emptiness and a hunger that never gets filled.
Secondly, when I finally began to look my age. It came on me quite suddenly last year..OH MY, I hit a real low for about eight months trying to come to grips with my age. It hadn't really hit me that I had passed 60 before that day I looked in the mirror and spotted the new me. And then there is the lack of any real romance or intimacy with my husband anymore.....it just happened. When, I can't really say for certain. But it is gone. I am so lonely for a mans touch and for a mans real conversation and for a mans gentleness I sometimes cry for hours. Trying to tell him about it...HA He just doesn't see it, get it or want to deal with it. So I am stuck in this emptiness for the rest of my days here on this planet unless he should pre decease me before I look like a prune.
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I don't think I have reached that point yet. I do however, have bouts with alzheimer's now and again......I think. LoL!!

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