Me And My Ex Are Getting Back Together, Do We Start Over Or Pick Up Where We Left Off?


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Mark Westbrook Profile
Mark Westbrook answered
That's very tricky. You need to look at the real and honest reasons that the relationship broke down and make a real concerted effort to fix those issues immediately or as soon as possible, because they will come back to bite you in the bum.

You simply can't turn back the clock. However, I feel you have a much better chance of success if you try to begin at the beginning again. Try dating again, this makes you make a real effort, take things slowly, don't presume anything, from first kiss to first sex, it's best if you mend bridges whilst you learn about each other again. It's amazing what we take for granted, but these people we share our lives with have infinite exciting things inside them and we get access to them by being good to them.

Take it easy, step back and enjoy your friendship first.
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Lena JH answered
Starting over can be very romantic, and besides, chances are that you didn't break up over just spilled milk. Picking off just where you left off might cause tension all over again. Take it slow and let it build back up.
carynn kimbrough Profile
I think you should start over cause if you pick up where you start off you could bring back bad things and that would not help, but you could create new sparks between each other that would be much better.

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