How to tell someone doesnt want you having sex with any living species even though your an adult and you want sexual intercourse?


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Willie B. good answered

Maybe you should take your smutty questions to another site. After looking at your previous questions I don't think anyone here wants anything to do with you.

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John Kaminski
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Im just asking a general question nothing to graphic....god everybody in there head thinks the worst always negative people in this world. Im just asking a general question thats it.
Willie B. good
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You're not asking general questions and your question history proves that, so why don't you get lost troll!!!
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Please leave the dogs with fluffy butts alone! They may not be able to tell you NO but they certainly will bite ya if you try! Sicko...

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This question relates to your other question. Is sex all you have on your brain?

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Your question makes me cringe and you seem creepy please for the love of Jesus take your trashy questions to another site why in the world would anyone ask such question back in the day this question if i was moderator would of been removed and i would call for you to be banned. SMH 

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