What would you do if you lived with someone who brings in enough to contribute to buying food for the household but instead they buy food for themselves and their child and this person doesn't pay bills , lives Scott free in the household?


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People like that are called freeloaders and they sure as hell wouldn't be living with me for long, kick that deadbeat to the curb.

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I wouldn’t put up with it. Everyone should contribute to the household equally. For bills, food, etc.

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The simple answer is I would have never agreed to live in such an arrangement in the first place. Nor would I abide any such change in the original arrangement I did agree to.

All roomies share the common expenses, or we get other roomies who will. Period. Carry your own weight here, or carry your a$$ out there.

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I would go over the household expense list with her and ask her how much of it she thinks she should cover and agree to a fair amount and payment schedule.  If she is willing to pay little or nothing, I would ask her to find another household.

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You should tell him/her, very kindly but firmly, that the
household expenses are getting too much for you and that he/she should contribute
to it. I understand that this conversation might not be easy to initiate but be
brave. Being the parent of a child, he/she should be aware of his/her responsibilities.
The least he/she could do was to share the food with you. -_-

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Straight Edge  Society
Thank you Ms Nevado i appreciate your kindness , yes i feel i am being taken advantage of by 2 cousins and it's not fair to me i try my best and I'm the one battling the utility companies they aren't . Thanks for letting me vent :) :)
Taila Nevado
Taila Nevado commented
It's alright :) This situation can be quite difficult. Hope you find a solution.
Straight Edge  Society
Thank you i hope so :)
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I am in that situation now, minus them having a kid. They ran into a bad situation with their last roommate. So if we didn't take her in she would have been living in her car. We told her she could stay for a short time so as to save money for deposit on a new place along with the deposit for utilities.  She has overstayed her welcome, and after a discussion this week is now looking for a new place.

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Oh wow i see i know how it can be, this cousin has overstayed her visit and i been through lot of chaos. She use to contribute to giving for food expenses but she stopped . So now i have to struggle and I'm the one who has utilities in my name. I'm at the point i am thinking of more ways to save . I do know one of my big issues is the Cable & Internet bill so i may have to look for something cheaper . But thanks for sharing your story and wish you the best and I hope the roommate finds what they need.
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Why should they buy food for the household?
They are buying the food for themselves and their child.

As far as helping pay for utilities and rent - yes, they should pay their equal share.  If they are no longer doing so - send them a 3-day notice to pay or vacate, just as if you are their landlord.  Because legally, you are.  Then evict them.  Legally.

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