Mu boyfriend/baby dad pays for his personal bills but if i ask him to help pay household bills or kids needs i have to pay him back.. Even groceries. Is this normal.. What do i do?


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Janis Haskell answered

No .... That is called a deadbeat father.  Take him to court.

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Ancient Hippy answered

No, that's not normal or right. He has a responsibility to his child. If he won't financially support the child, file for child support through the court system.

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Is he living with you? Using the electricity, water and other utilities? Eating the food? He needs to pay half. He s using it. You do not pay him back. Also it is his responsibility to make sure his child has a home, clothes and food. That is what being a parent is. What you do is you talk to him and explain his responsibilities. If he decides he is not going to pay you kick his freeloading butt out, and then you take him to court for child support.

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You get a lawyer ... And file with the court for child support payments.

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If  you are living together as a couple, no it is not normal. He is obviously not taking responsibility nor contributing to the household in which he lives, nor is he supporting your child.. Yet he is reaping the benefits of "being your boyfriend".. And he will continue to do that as long as you continue to enable it.  Time to set the record straight and tell it like it is .. If he refuses then it's time that part company and take legal action for custody and child support.

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You go to your local court and file papers for him to pay child support  You don't even need an attorney 

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Contact your local social services department they will assist you in getting court orders etc. That will make this poor excuse for a father to pay for what he helped create.  Kick this one to the arroyo as soon as possible.  A mature man takes responsibility for his family, this grown up child that fathered children isn't worth putting up with!  If you Dont do something To correct This issue, you are part of the problem!

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Dump this loser. Then get court-ordered child support.  This guy is user-friendly and will ruin every possible opportunity you have to build a good life. 

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