My wife is starting to work again and I'm going to stay at home. We are looking for an organic baby formula we can feed our 6 months old as a supplement to breastfeeding. I would love to get some advice from people who already used formula?


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before we started formula feeding we ask our paediatrician but also talked to other parents. It is always good to get opinions and information from persons who are not the doctors but have practical experience with a formula.

We tried out different formulas until we did find Hipp was a good fit for our baby.

Good luck with your research!


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taking to different people is very good idea. For sure every baby has different needs. With my first baby girl it was the case that she couldn't digest cow milk based formula until we did find out it was quite a journey. We visited different paediatricians, I talked to lot's of other mothers until a mother in a park told me that there are hypoallergenic formulas or goat milk formulas that could work. She did use the goat milk formula from Holle for one of her children and it worked out very well for us too. When I did some research online I found a lot of mothers using soya or almond milk but I didn't like the idea. I have the feeling that they are way to sweet.
European brands seem to be really good as Holle, Hipp or Lebenswert. These are brands that I or close friends made experiences with.
I hope you have a successful search!


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