Can A Transgender Marry?


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Depending on the state you live in you should be able to marry.  As for the legal father thing as long as you both sign the birth certificate you are the childs legal guardians.  The hospital may require documentation as to the sperm if you don't have any documentation say you did it all at home, you can always get a dna test to prove the transgender as the father.  All they have to do is take a swab sample of saliva from the mother, child and father.
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If they get married where same sex marriage is recognized,I would think yes but finding that place where it is legal is the obstacle,so good luck
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Of course it will be your baby,you may have to prove the part about the sperm how,when but there should be records or documentation of that on file of the hospital and lab where said sperm was kept....
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I know of several couples this way, where one was trans-sexual and one wasn't,that have.  I also know one couple where both are M>F trans-sexuals ... But they got married after one had her SRS, changing her birth certificate to female, then about a year after they were married the other had her SRS, but by then they were already legally married.
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