What Is Needed To Open A Daycare In Missouri?


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The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is responsible for issuing licenses to daycare facilities and businesses. All applicant institutions will be inspected by specialists from the Department and if a licence is granted, it will usually be up for renewal after two years.

In terms of specific requirements, the adults working in the facility, as well as the owners, must be over 18 years of age at the time of application. Before the Department actually processes the application, the applicants are usually called in for an interview. After the interview, the applicants must submit a detailed blueprint of the proposed daycare facility, with special emphasis placed on highlighting the location of washrooms, the kitchen, and exits. One must also submit a blueprint of the outdoor playground, or any area around the building to be used by daycare workers.

Applicants must also be sure to submit a comprehensive program plan for the daily activities to be conducted at the establishment, a sample menu, if the daycare will be offering the children lunch, two letters of reference written for the people who intend to operate the daycare, a list of staff members to be employed by the business, as well as a police check (security clearance) for each staff member and the business owners. If the daycare is already an incorporated business, the Department will also want to see the Articles of Incorporation.

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