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Are you a religious man? . . . One of the verses in the Bible speaks about being a child but then putting away childish things. While I do not support the overall message of the Bible, it does contain snippets of wisdom . . . . Another would be where you are to leave your family and become one flesh with your wife . . . Both talk about becoming a man, and making the hard choices.

So, leave the nest and (money and jobs will happen once you have made the leap). Your parents don't talk to you . . . Oh well, their loss.

You have a child that needs to bond with you. The best time for this physical connection is within the first YEAR of their lives . . . You are missing out. Being a father is the best thing I have ever done . . . You are literally missing out on what could be the best thing that could happen to you. Stop thinking of yourself, and think of your child.

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Davidson Johnson
Thats what i told her, when i married her i was like 20 and she was like 26 and i told her this is going to happen but she force me into everything..... And now we are stuck in this position, I am a web developer in Manchester but here we dont have hight pay job, i even try in london but there is no job pay enough to get them here.
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No one can force you into doing things! You were thinking with the head between your legs and you know it! Don't put the blame solely on her! Did she put a gun to your head and say put out!?! Take responsibility for yourself!
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Dark my friend, we have a difference in opinions about the Bible and I just wanted to tell you, thank you for how respectful you are. You are a breath of fresh air and I totally respect you and your thoughts. You absolutely NAILED this answer!!!!! If they still did stars like ask did, I'd be giving you a million stars! You are clearly the better person to answer this question for this person. I will step down my friend. See you on the next one!!!!! 😆
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You married just to get married! You are way too involved with your parents and your WIFE may have resentment towards you for not choosing her and your daughter. I'd be mad at you to! Grow a pair, get your stuff together and be a MAN and step up! Take care of your daughter! Time flies quickly and before you know it this little one year old you remember will be an ADULT and very bitter cuz she did not have a father! How DARE you whine like this! You will not get any sympathy from me you wuss!

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Davidson Johnson
i am not letting my daughter down ? i saw her grow up both my stepdaughter and my daugher. And we talk every day on skype and shes know me that i am her dad. Maybe it just a flat we are living in making me feeling sick.
Yin And Yang
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So get it together and go to your wife's house and be with your daughter! My statement about you still stands!
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Davidson Johnson , It wont let me add all the text so i am adding this here., answered

I met this girl online, 3 years ago and married her even tho she is 5 years older than me and already have 1 child and I still go ahead and end up marrying her and also have 1 child with her. We live in different continues, I live in the UK with my mom, dad, brother and sister and she lives in USA with her uncle and  daughters. The reason we live in different countries because 1st, we have different religions and my mom and dad will never accept her, even if they know that I am married, they will kick me out from my house and never going to talk to me again and they are not well enough to take this. 2nd we both don’t make enough money to bring her here or she bring me there.

And, we have been married for almost 3 years and in these three years she come to UK and visit me,  1st when we get married, 2nd She come with my step daughter and this is the 3rd time with my daughter. Whenever she come visit me we book a hotel and she and my daughter they are still here in the UK, 17 Jul 2017.

Last year, I had my daughter with her and she is 1 year old and this is the first time I met her and everything seems to be fine, I get along with her just fine but I think something is wrong with me and this is never happened in this 3 years. This here I just don’t want to stay with her or my daughter, I just want to go my home and find the reason to go to my home and when I am my home, I start missing them… The reason I don’t wanna stay home with her because she treated me bad, and we cannot go anywhere she always get mad so quickly and talk to me rudely.

I don’t know what to do here, I am just counting days for her to go so I can carry on with my life but at the same time I am sad to let her go and my daughter. I have a depression so I think maybe its this? Because I am not feeling hungry.. I dont know what to do. I cant focus on my work either. Please someone help.

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It sounds like you need to start making some hard decisions. This doesn't sound like it was well thought out before the big decisions were made, such as getting married. I'm a bit baffled as to why you married her in the first place, however, that's water under the bridge now.

1. You could continue on living the way that you're living - apart, even though you're married and have a child together.

2. Dissolve the marriage and financially support the child.

3. If you want to be with your wife and child, despite how your family feels about her, then you need to decide where you guys will live. Then someone needs to work an extra job to finance the move / visas, etc.

4. In the future, when you have a huge decision to make, do not make any rash decisions, especially based solely on emotions. Most of the time, it will not work out in your favor.

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You're an idiot.

I don't know about the UK "family" immigration rules ... But I know the US doesn't have any rule about how much you have to make.  Nor does it care what religion you are.

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