I live in Canada atm. How should I make it clear on Facebook I want to move to Nepal or India in a few years and get married, so accordingly I am not available for dating?


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Toni Pauze answered

Why do you feel the need to post it on Facebook?

It's no one's business what you do .

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Walt O'Reagun answered

... What Tiger Two said.

Also, dating does not mean you are going to marry that person.  To the contrary, the majority of people who date do NOT get married.

The purpose of dating is to figure out what type of person you do wish to marry.  So it is rational and reasonable to date lots of different people, before you decide to marry.

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Joseph James
Joseph James commented
I guess maybe it could say that whether someone finds arranged marriages appealing or not depends in part on one's value system.
Joseph James
Joseph James commented
That is why I understand that to me arranged marriages seem way better than the western approach to marriage and relationships, but to many others not so much.
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
I think arranged marriages are fine ... as long as it is between consenting adults, and can be easily divorced in cases of abuse.

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