I feel like I have no friends. I'm in my second year of high school. Was very social and had many friends last year but now I feel very lonely and eat lunch in the bathroom?


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So what has changed in the last year? And quit eating in the bathroom. Even if you don't want to eat at a table with others find someplace else. Maybe a bench outside if you are someplace warm enough. The bathroom is no place for food.

Look for one or two friends to hang with and forget the rest. You don't need a lot people, but surely there is someone who you have remained friends with.

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Is there something your friends don't like or trust about your boyfriend, or have you just been busy with him? If you have been busy just reach out to your friends. They should understand. If they have had boyfriends, I am sure they understand. If they don't like your boyfriend, and you are now isolating yourself so much, I have to say it is a huge red flag for me. Your boyfriend should want you to have friends and should understand wanting to spend time with them and should be nice to them. Any guy that tries to isolate a girl does it to control them. If this is happening you need to go talk to your school counselor now. Actually you should talk to him/her anyway and tell them how you are feeling.

If I am off base on this, sorry. In that join a club, or a sport and become part of something. It will help you to feel included again.
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Actually it's not my boyfriend that has been isolating me from my friends, but i just have been hanging out with him a lot more because my friends sit with a few other people at lunch that I have a bit of conflict with and they're always together. But thanks I will try to find better friends I just joined a club
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You can still eat outside if it's cold though, it's preferable to the bathroom (at least for me.) I eat outside even when it is -20C :D
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once you get out of high school  and start life, you're not gunna  much time at all for friends. I do hang out with some of my high school friends from time to time but its difficult since we have different schedules and routines etc.. Its not like it use to be where we could  walk home together and hangout for abit.. Now things have to be planned weeks beforehand.

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Either you remain that way, and get used to it.

Or you make friends.

Anything that doesn't change, you will adapt to.

From experience, I haven't had friends for years and it doesn't bother me at all anymore, so good luck.

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u can talk to ur friends on facebook.

during lunch time, sit next to people, talk to them, and be friends with them.

when teacher gives u a group project or group assignment, u can be friends with people in ur group.

u can join after school activities and make new friends.

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I'm sorry to hear that .. And I can empathize. The best way to connect with piers is to get involved with common interest groups .. Are there any in your school .. Do you have any hobbies? If not.. Then try something new .. Before you know it you may have one friend .. And then another, and another .. And soon you will have many .. Give it a try. You have to take the initiative

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It's always a good idea to keep your friends when you are dating, because if the relationship ends they will be their for you.  Make sure you learn to balance your life between your boyfriend and friends, it is healthier to have a few eggs in your basket.  Just as your boyfriend should make time for his mates, you should do the same.  If you have neglected them and like them, tell them you are sorry, however, if you feel they were never really friends then make new ones by widening your interests. Don't hide in the bathroom be strong hold your ground, take a book to lunch and sit and read it (or pretend to) if you want to avoid any confrontation. 

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Anonymous...... How Can I Make Real Friends?

We were all created or designed to interact from friendship.  In order for a friendship to be mutually beneficial, we must select our friends carefully.  Potential friends are all around you.  Which would you rather have - hundreds of contacts or a few genuine friends?  Although both have advantages, a true friend can help you through challenges and can even encourage you to be a better person.


1.    Aim for quality, not quantity. 

It's nice to know a lot of people, but even in a big group, you tend to search out those few that you relate to the most.

2.    Be a true friend

You expect loyalty and trust from your friends, so try to give them the same.

3.    Express appreciation

When you appreciate someone's friendship, let them know with a card or a gift.


"At some point in any friendship, one person is stronger than the other.  A true friend recognizes when you are the weaker one and then steps up to the plate and helps you.  Of course,  that friend trusts that you will do the same thing when he or she needs help as well.

One last thought;

Do your friends help you to reach your potential, or do you have to lower your standards to fit in with them?  Proverbs 13:20 says this:  "He that is walking with wise persons will become wise, but he that is having dealings with the stupid ones will fare badly".

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