2 of my friends hate him but I like him? How do I tell my friends? And the one HATES him. The other one is like ugh he's so stupid I hate him kinda droning on about how he's so stupid(NOT). How do I tell them I like him?


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Your friends' opinions towards this boy should not necessarily reflect your perception of him. In other words, just because they either hate him or think he is stupid does not mean he is any less important in your eyes and in your social relationship with him, whether friend or other. Unless your friends have valid reason for disliking this boy, you need to consider yourself whether this relationship is safe/healthy. Also, I do not know why you need to tell him what your friends think about him. This may just create more tension between this boy and your friends with you caught in the middle. If it isn't necessary to tell him what your friends think of him then don't. Not everyone will like every single person and perhaps telling him they think he is stupid will just make him upset. You can choose to change your friends minds that he isn't like how they imagine but, again their opinion about this boy that you care about does not really matter.

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Say this "You'll never guess who I'm dating?"

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Teengirl Need Help ASAP
Thx thats awesome lol
They would probably guess it the one who thinks he's super annoying(which he IS NOT) is teasing me cuz she thinks he likes me(which I also think) and I am in the middle of trying to get away from her a little. She is kinda mean...
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As long as you like him who cares what they think, they are not dating him. At least if their taste in guys is different to yours then you will never argue over dating, that awkward moment when you fancy the same chap. I hope it goes well for you :)

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