Shine or Study? Many say that the “teenage years are your time to shine.”  Try new things.  Take your passions as far as they will go.  Test the waters.  (read comments)


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There is no right or wrong way to find the right balance, you just find it. The formula for me might not work for you. The good news is that by finding this balance, it will prepare you for finding balance in other areas in your life as you age. Many stages of life are a balancing act. After you graduate you will need to find balance between school and a social life. Same as now, but without mom governing over you. It's tempting to party instead of studying. After that it's between your job, and your social life. Should you go out and hang with people when you have to get up early for that presentation at work. Then after it will be between family, work, a social life, and hobbies. And on and on and on....

Study when you need to but balance that with things that make you happy. If you have to, schedule time during the week to follow your passions.

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I joined the Navy and saw the world (OK, the Navy called my bluff and I saw only a tiny slice of the world, but still...) before going to college.  My Brother In Law (one of the smartest, most squared away people I know) dropped out of high school to follow his passion.  He now employs 6 or 7 people and has a business worth millions.  (And he all these cool tools).  You need to follow your natural bent and not let yourself be bullied into something that isn't you.  Better a happy baker than an embittered and empty stock broker. 

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What many don’t say is: “The teenage years are your time to study.”  I did not expect this either.  Middle school.  Then high school.  SAT. Enhanced Integrated math 2.  Precalculous.  6 hours of homework each nigh.  People tell me: “focus on your grades or you’ll fail, and won’t get into college.  What about my passions?  How can I find the right balance between studying and shining? 

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