Do you see events in your life (good or bad), as Destiny, Somewhat Guided (opportunities for testing one's faith), Situations or Circumstances that happen out of your control? (**I will not comment on answers unless asked**)


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You end up where you're supposed to be.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
.. And I'd like to further commend you for being able to not allow yourself to remain powerless and a perpetual victim .. Good for you! Your happy ending is what I like to hear.
Angela Anthony
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Oy vey....looking for a confrontation today? won't find one here.
Bikergirl Anonymous
How did you come to THAT conclusion .. I complimented you and THAT is your response? What's with the attitude?
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When I view 60 yrs of my journey  I see failure, failure and more failures. There are no triumphs, no victories great or minut. Destiny and Fate, I can't call them friends or foes. Most of journey has been good, compared to what I seen and witnessed in this sad sad world.

My journey is alone with myself.

Anyone can comment, as I've learned I take what I can use and leave what doesn't apply to me. 

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Jann Nikka
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Dark, Blurtit community is my friends and thank you.
Bikergirl Anonymous
@ Jan .. sure you have experienced failures and disappointment .. I have read your previous posts about your childhood .. but, even having said that .. knowing the person you have become, you still have a lot to offer .. kindness and compassion, humour and insight ... Those attributes have also been cultivated .. they don't come just from 'failure and disappointment' .. they also come from the successes in your life. So you see, even if you don't recognize the 'good' events and experiences you have also experienced, you, as have the rest of us, have been influenced by both sides of the spectrum. It is what you make of those experiences that matters. You CAN step up, you CAN learn. Life is what you make it .. you can dwell on negativity and dig yourself into a hole and disappear .. or .. you can rise above it, learn from the mistakes others have made .. and take life by the balls .. and live well .. live content .. live in peace.
Jann Nikka
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Bikergirl ma'am thank you 😁
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I believe somewhat in destiny but everything else that happens in life is just a situation or circumstance. No guidance, just whatever life lays in your lap to deal with. It's a day to day thing. No one or thing can predict what life will bring you.

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I see events in life often as a direct result of the choices we make.  Sometimes though ... We just have no idea if they're good or bad until we get through them and see what happens too.

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Jann Nikka
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Hi my decision making skills have always been worthless. I've tried, following "good" advise, "good" people "good" thoughts and "good" ideas and still I make the wrong decisions. I weigh the "pros and cons" and honestly say let me do what's right and still it the wrong decision. My life has been a journey swimming in worthless decisions.
Bikergirl Anonymous
@ Jan .. they are only worthless if you don't learn from them. Learning from them is a conscious decision.
Jann Nikka
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Bikergirl thank you 😄
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The one guide in my life has been my father, a true stand up man that believed in honesty, hard work, commitment and trust. I don't believe in destiny and I truly believe the events in my life are cause and effect. Some events were and will be out of my control but I've learned that a person can use those events to map out purposeful events that are yet to happen.

Comments welcome, negativity about pizza is not welcome.

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Yes i created many of my own mistakes and i paid a heavy price and im still paying. But would i race motocross again hell yes its a blast. Marriage and drugs i can do without.

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Dear DarkMajinn,

As I get older yes I think I do sense a pattern, a tapestry...destiny is not the word for it however...but it is wondrous.

I don't think the mind can encompass what we are, however, and in that regard I really liked a book I got from Dozy, Aldous Huxley THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION.

So I use my mind to create a mythology that works in the present moment but is constantly evolving, with the idea of actually GIVING UP control to that in me that is whole and wondrous.

* * *

You are welcome to comment if you wish, I ask that you be courteous and respectful, offering me food for thought.

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Don Barzini
Don Barzini commented
Master Didge- given that criteria, it is likely the Dodgy/Dozy/Didge persona will endure for some time hence.
Didge Doo
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Hanging around like a persistent chest cold, msybe. >;-/
Virginia Lou
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That is beautiful DarkM...I like it very much.
Hi Dozy, hi Zee...I hope you both hang around a long time whatever it takes!
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I think somethings in life are meant to be, and some just happen. My husband grew up 40 miles me. As we got to know each other, we realized our paths nearly crossed several times in our adult lives. I think we actually met when we did because we were both ready for our relationship at that point.

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I believe in destiny to a point.  I believe you can control your destiny ,also, to a point.  I believe you can choose a path of destruction or a path of elation. I believe, that sometimes .. the biggest difference between positive and negative is perspective.

I believe you can choose to learn from past experiences which also involve mistakes you've made or others that influence you have made. By learning, you can make better, more informed choices that cultivates your growth as an individual.

There is a lot left to coincidence and some to cause and effect .. and although you may not be able to choose to control everything that happens to you, you CAN control how you act, interact or react to it.

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I don't abide and have never given credibility to the traditional concept of destiny. Its a cop-out, an abdication. 

Our lives are the product of decisions. Once apart from the consequences of our parents' decisions, we either assume the drivers seat of our lives, or we don't; therein lies the unique prerogative of our species. 

I defer to the wisdom of this quote from William Jennings Bryan:

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

As always, I'd welcome further thoughts on this.

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Don Barzini
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My pleasure, Ma'am,
Toxic Hairball
Toxic Hairball commented
Thought provoking
Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
I might add I whole heartedly agree with you and in this regard in particular - "Once apart from the consequences of our parents' decisions, . . . "
I think most are unaware of the HUGE impact our child rearing years have on us. It is these experiences that begin the our impulsive thought processes that we will fight against or embrace throughout life.
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I do the best I can with what I have on any given day, sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's not. Life isn't easy because of the way society and social structure and class is dictated, for me also accompanied with pain and financial worry.  Life often feels like trudging through mud, made easier by the laughter shared by others who also know what it's like to get your wellies stuck. If I question the whys and wherefores, it often doesn't get me anywhere. 

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Life is a mosaic built of chance and often uncontrollable circumstances. It's an ongoing series of watersheds, some of them minuscule, which can tilt us in different directions.

Sure, we can plan, and act out those plans, and things often happen exactly as we hope; but sometimes ya just gotta duck and weave and try to counter punch.

When  did you ever need an invitation to comment on one of my answers, Dark One?

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Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
I love this line - "Sure, we can plan, and act out those plans, and things often happen exactly as we hope; but sometimes ya just gotta duck and weave and try to counter punch. "

I am currently playing the part as "Watching By Stander" to my oldest. He is excelling in college, and has clear direction as to the "Type" of career path. But I see him wrestling with his passion for music and film and see how they have promoted him many times within the college Film department he joined as a "Hobby". I watch because this is one of those times he will need to embrace his own decisions that will mold his future.
Didge Doo
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I hear you, Dark. "Watching bystander" has top be one of the hardest things for a parent to learn. And there's no handbook. Sometimes I didn't know whether I was too much of a watcher and not enough of an advice giver.
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As far as i understood the question. I guess i believe in every inch of it! So i have to say "yes"

I believe in destiny, to me, we all have a destiny and then somehow we can decorate that destiny with our energies. That's where being positive or negative comes along. But yet,we are directors of our life, therefore we can direct our path inside the destiny.

Sometimes there are moments where:

-You do want to do something but it doesn't happen whatsoever.

-You do not want to do something, but it does happen whatsoever.

That's what i called "Must-Unmust" part of destiny.  There's a fine line between the main destiny and the must-unmust rule. One of the battles of success is to realize where you have to push harder to reach your goal (because you know it is your destiny) (where you have to give up and see other images because you know this is whether a must or unmust)  it's not that hard tho at the end "people see what they need to see"

Test exist. It's not religion one for me. Life is the one who's testing. If you decide to do something, to learn, to achieve, to take a step toward your life. You must prove yourself. You must prove what you've made of. How motivated you are, how strong you are, how badly you want it, how hungry and thirsty you are for what you want. How many sacrificed you willing to accept to reach your goal. You must prove you deserve it. If you win, you'll get it (another tests will be started) if you lose. Then you prove you're not ready yet.

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Don Barzini
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Matt, what you describe here is CHARACTER. It is indeed character which is built from our experiences that influences our approach to life and the subsequent outcomes some will call destiny.
Matt Radiance
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Of course you're right. Character plays a huge role in it.
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I'm almost Skinnerian on this subject.  While we have free will (or think we do), in many cases we act in the only way we CAN act.  I agree that, in some cases, we can act independently of our conditioning,  but for the most part, our actions are predetermined, our future path determined by yesterday's path.  A French philosopher (I cannot remember his names) said something to the effect of "don't praaise a man for doing good if he is incapableof doing evil. 

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Darik Majoren
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Interesting . . . for some reason this resonated with me because I had heard this in the movie "Vanished" . . . It was the serial killer's reasoning for killing.
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I am a believer, but I don't expect God to steer a parked car.  I've had to make the effort to move forward and watch the signs along the way.  It's my own journey, but I don't feel that I'm traveling alone.

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As a child, growing up. I was quite naive. The only person I knew who taught me the good and bad of the world was my eldest brother. I lived with him from age 8-15. Until I was 8. I had absolutely no clue of what I should and should not do because no one guided me in any direction. He's a good person. He's sacrificed a lot for me and his family. I don't see anything as destiny or faith and i know I never will. There have been countless situations I've been in that were quite unfair towards me. I haven't had a faith in anyone or anything. No god, no nothing. I've always thought freely and done whatever I wanted. That freedom's granted me some good and bad things. Mostly bad. But some good. Going through what I have been, I don't think any of it now has that negative of an affect on me. It's only made me stronger and more fierce.

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Our decisions guide our future, but our destiny oversees our decisions. It's not exactly that we're not in control, it's just that our control is what makes up destiny. I mean, you still have a chance to change a decision, but in the future you still make the decision regardless. That's how I see it anyway

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My personal experiences up till now (almost 71) have proven the truth of the following to me:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Your first sentence is succinct, to the point, and dispositive.

And of course, you know we Catholics consider Hope (in reference to an afterlife) to be a supernatural virtue---which is somewhat different than the way in which hope is used relative to receiving Christmas Presents.

Aldrich Ames
Aldrich Ames commented
I don't get the "God" thing. I'm not looking forward to a giant Atheist/Religion debate. But an actual good god wouldn't put someone who doesn't believe in him in eternal fire. Why would he make millions and millions of people what they have been through. A few childhood friends of mine committed suicide. I've been through depression, PTSD and child abuse. Why would he make people go through that? Are all those poor children dying the day they were born because they don't "love" god? Are all those people dying of cancer because they aren't believers of god? I don't mean to offend or defend. I'm just questioning it.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
@Aldrich Ames

Not a problem---you make valid observations.

You are unable to reconcile some of the things that do happen in reality as well as some of the things we are told may happen in reality with your concept of "an actual good god."

How can I take umbrage at that?

The only comment I can make is that each of has an idea of what "an actual good god" is, but whether a god exists and what his qualities may be are probably totally independent of what we may think or what we might be comfortable with.

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