My mom doesn't want me to date until during/after college. I'm 18 now, and one of my best friends became something more to me. I really think that we're ready to date; to know him in a more serious relationship. But how can I break this to my mom?


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Mom, I'm an adult and I'm going to date.

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"I tried, Mom; but that turned out to be an unrealistic expectation at this point in my life."

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"I know you would like me to concentrate on college, but as an adult I think I should be allowed to follow my heart. Good or Bad, it is life's experiences that will ultimately be the education I need."

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Cookie has the only 100% correct answer.

If you are still living at home, guess what?  Even though you are an adult, you have to follow house rules.

If you're living on your own, you can make your own house rules.

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there! You probably need to ask her what the reason behind such a rule really
is?! If you are satisfied with whatever she will tell you, fair enough,
otherwise you have to reveal your story with that friend of yours and let her
express her thoughts before telling her what you have decided. You are 18, you
can legally make your own decisions!

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I started dating at 17. Have been together with my partner for two years now. Tell her it's none of her business and you're old enough.

Even if you have a negative experience with dating, it's alright. I've had many traumatizing experiences. As a child, as a teenager as well. It made me mentally stronger. 

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