I would like to know what colour my daughter's hair and eye will be. I'm white and I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. My wife has blue eyes and blonde hair. (My father was blue eyed with blonde hair.)?


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Maybe this site help you out.

However, i suggest you don't be too hopeful and obsessed with this! Because DNA and Genetic works like the most insane unpredictable thing in the world!

I mean there has been this African girl both parents African with dark eyes and all of the relatives been the same with few generation back to back but her eyes turned out "Green" .

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That depends, on which is genetic matter will be the dominant trait.

I am part of three siblings.

My father had blue eyes and dark brown hair, my mother had brown eyes and dark brown hair . . Out of the three of us, my Sister (middle child) received my father's blue eyes, and the oldest sister and I received brown eyes.

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My mom had brown hair and hazel eyes. My dad had brown hair and blue eyes. They had five kids: Brown/green;  blonde/blue; brown/green;  blonde/grey-blue;  brown/hazel. Genetics are fun to trace back.

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I'm the person who asked the question.    My wife's mother has brown eyes, and red hair. Her father has blue eyes and blonde hair.  My mother has dark brown hair, and brown eyes, and my father has blue eyes and blonde hair.  (Everyone of our parents are white)

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