I Would Like To Know What Color My Babies Hair And Eyes Will Be . I'm White , I Have Green Eyes , Dark Brown Hair .my Boyfriend Is 50%white And 50%black , So He Has Black Hair And Brown Eyes. Can You Help?


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Brown Hair Hazel Eyes
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I would say, brown, green or hazel eyes and most likely dark hair. (my sister and her husband had the same situation, their son has brown eyes and dark hair)
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You baby will probably have black , brown, or dark brown hair. The babys eyes have a possibility og being hazel or brown. It is unlikely that the baby will have green eyes.
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Hello, I have a 100% right answer for you... Youre baby is going to have rainbow coloured eyes with yellow circles. The babys hair will be white (albino) . Hope this helps, cheers.
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It would be fairly easy to predict your baby's eye colour if you had blue eyes and your partner had brown, as Blue is believed to be a RECESSIVE allele and Brown is said to be DOMINANT... So your baby would have brown eyes.

However, I'm not so sure about green x brown eyes, as from what I know green and brown can both be dominant alleles. However,  I looked at this page :
and from what I read, I think that your baby is likely to have BROWN eyes :)

In terms of hair colour, it is a litle more tricky, although I think it is unlikely that your baby will have blonde hair as your partner does not have brown hair. (Brown hair mum x brown hair dad CAN result in Blonde haired baby)

I think it is likely to have either brown or black hair, but possibly more likey to be black.

So, possibly a lovely little brown-eyed, black haired (but possibly dark brown haired) baby!
Whatever, your baby's eye or hair colour though - it is more important that they are healthy and happy :)

Goodluck :)
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I want to know what color hair my baby will have I have dark brown and my boyfriend has red...my mom and dad both have brown hair and his mom had blonde and his dad has red
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This is just not possible to predict, between guess work and exact science, people could make a guess that the child will follow the father's dominant traits and then again others would argue that the child will follow the mother's dominant traits.
Why do you need to know this? Why don't you just enjoy the fact that you have a lovely boyfriend, and a lovely baby on the way.

These days all too often, we want to know everything. If you could choose the hair and eye colours, would you? I find it hard to believe that no loving mother wouldn't just love their child for whoever and whatever they are, blonde, brunette, red haired, blue eyed, gay, straight, happy, sad, this child is part of you both and a wonderful gift to you and the world, the hair and eyes seem a little less important when compared to healthy and happy, don't they?
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Did you also know that a child can have the traits of the grand parents and great grand parents.....i have red hair and neither of my parents have/had red hair... And i am going bald and neither of my parents were balding but my grandfather was bald as a billiard ball....so a child can skip both of their parents traits and take on traits that are in their heritage/lineage.....
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I was just wondering what color my baby's eyes and hair might be. I have dark-brown almost black hair with greenish brown eyes but more green, my boyfriend has really red hair withaqua blue eyes, and neither of us really have that many freakles?
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Read my comment above....did you know babies eyes can change color from the color they were at birth.....

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