What's your favourite of the " seven deadly sins " to commit ? I like them all exept envy and sloth ... I don't know what sloth means but it sound yucks ...


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Zack -  Mr. GenXer Profile

It looks like gluttony at this point.

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Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
I don't think indulgeing in anything you like should be considered a sin ...but I've never been to church so what do I know :p
Toxic Hairball
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Dont sweat it Jaimie. You're onto something there.
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
I'm not sweating it toxic :) you remind me of someone .....
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Didge Doo answered

I'm probably too old for lust but sloth is pretty cool.

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Dear Jaimie,

I pick gluttony...such fun to have a kitchen again...plus today I purchased a hip flask of Balinoff vodka, to go with my rum and Bombay Sapphire gin, such a liquor cabinet amassing here!

* * *

Actually when it comes to sins, I prefer the Buddhists...they have only one "sin," and they don't even call it that...but the whole problem as the Buddhists see it is that we humankind don't realize how wonderful, how fantastic beautiful perfectly amazing we actually already ARE!

(Because if we did really truly get that, then we would be living up to our potential, of course...)

* * *

Here is my newest pan...heavy gauge steel made in USA, bakes six little bitty cakes and I can pass 'em out to friends neighbors...just love it...triple chocolate brownie pound cake made with sour cream...def gluttony!

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Aw Dozy, who knows but maybe I will hand-deliver some personally one day...would certainly like to meet you in person (plus the rest of your ménage-à-trois) before all is said and done!

Little Zoë gettin' on in years I think...I better get on the stick here...
Didge Doo
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She'll be 17 in January and giving every indication that she'll still be with us for her birthday. We still take her walking most mornings just to keep her active but we often cut the distance very short for her. She loves to get out and get all the bushland smells.

It's interesting to grow old with your dog because you understand each other. I wouldn't have believed that dogs can have seniors moments too but sometimes she just forgets what she's doing and stares into space.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Seventeen! That is just remarkable...so glad for her, and you too that she is still with you...maybe at least through her birthday maybe quite a bit more we can hope
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If we are considering "Deadly Sins", I've long wondered who concluded that the list should stop at seven.

Why isn't IGNORANCE among them? Thoughtlessness, denial, naïveté, illiteracy, impulsiveness, stupidity.

I submit no fewer have suffered grim fates due to the various forms of ignorance than any of the other "Sins".

It doesn't take much learned consideration to understand why religion championed the seven "Deadly Sins" it did, and not ignorance; on much the same grounds that the church stopped at embracing Reason or Thoughtfulness as "Heavenly Virtues". 

I suggest a further "Deadly Sin": ...Agenda. 

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Call me Z
Call me Z commented
Maybe not Detroit, Didge.

the Buddha empasized the need to identify our sufferings to free ourselves of them, to seek the middle path.
Virginia Lou
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Yes! So very fruitful for me Zee...the power of awareness.
Tom  Jackson
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Interesting concept here:

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Toxic Hairball answered

I have to pick Lust. I am a passionate kinda guy.

I do regard these references to "Sin" as purposeful constructs of faith----all could be reasonably lumped under a more encompassing label of "Bad Judgment".

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