me and my girlfriend used to have a close relationship and were comfortable with doing things, and now i'm left with a sexual desire that i won't get from her, and it aches when it comes to rejection each time. is there something wrong with me?


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I wouldn't say something is wrong with you. Your feelings are normal but your actions are not.

Your desires are pretty normal. But you need to be aware of human design and system. Women's feelings and desires are massively stronger than men. But there are a bit of pattern to understand.

The first mistake: You are measuring the affection of the relationship by this content. That is a very invalid measurement. Unless this is what you looking for in a relationship. Then you must look for someone that look for the same thing.

The more you push, the more she rejects. Your pushy behavior can ruin your relationship. Or she'll accept doing it but she'll hate it and what's the worth if someone is not there by heart and will. And when a woman hates it, everything else about is useless and meaningless.

Woman needs to decide her feelings. They must be prepared for it physically and psychologically. They must feel wanted. Sometimes they need extra space. Sometimes they need time.

It's too difficult to guess a reason behind her current feelings and distance of such content. Because it could be anything. And as a man, this is your responsibility to figure this out and solve it. Pushing her constantly won't make anything better but only worst. Your path to understanding the matter is to be all ears and eyes. Communicate and be gentle.

It could be anything and many of them could be your own fault. But also  it could be anything such as a temporarily psychological deal that what she needs from you is mutual understanding and support instead of acting like a hungry man for one thing. 

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Just because she doesn't want to have sex, it doesn't mean she isn't rejecting you as a person. You said "each time".  If you know she isn't going to have sex, why do you keep asking her for it?  If having sec is important enough to you, you may decide you need to break up with her and find someone else.  Whatever you do, DO NOT push her into "deciding" to have sex before she's ready. 

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For whatever reason (and "whatever reason" is more than adequate), your girlfriend no longer is comfortable with being in an intimate sexual relationship with you.

All relationships are habituating to some degree, and sexually intimate ones are probably the most habituating.

There is nothing wrong with you, but you are working on what was rather than what is.

You need to either get on the same page that she's on and get used to the new relationship you now have together or move on if your feelings for here are too overwhelming.

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