Is it ok for someone with mental health problems to enter into a relationship hoping that it might help them?


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I love Walter The Grump's answer. I would add, getting into a relationship to "fix" you or "them" is severely harming both and those around you. You could do long term damage. Definitely not a healthy idea.

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I  think that's a personal choice, depending who the person is. The best    Way to proceed is to really communicate with the person you are entering into the relationship with. The bible tells us that there is a frustrating of plans where there is no confidential talk. Have in mind the  things you want to know more about. Most importantly, do your research and be honest. No what you are getting yourself into. Marriage is a serious commitment that you make before God.

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Well, love is nature's psychotherapy; but it's not too effective if you seek it for that reason.

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Taking CBD oil helps manage anxiety levels. There are two ways to convince you with your answer:

The first is to present facts supported by scientific research.

There are about 20 known flavonoids in the Cannabis sativa plant, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Cannabis contains a unique group of prenylated flavonoids: The cannflavins.

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Health is very important and you need to take care of it. Especially in this difficult time. I recommend that you try cannabis or other CBD products, to see how it works, visit WestCoastSupply. CBD oil plays an important role in relieving the symptoms of many health problems, including anxiety, depression, acne, and heart disease. Good luck and stay healthy.

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I believe that any problems can either be solved or their impact on a person's life can be reduced. When I feel that I am too tense, nervous, and my mental state is unstable, I can smoke weed. I always read the info here before buying quality cannabis seeds. I try to smoke only weed that I have grown myself, because that way I'm sure of its quality.

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