Did anyone else have a busy day?


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I didn't, doctor's office and my daily visit to my elderly neighbor, she's 86.

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Jann Nikka
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Yin, thank you. She has Alzheimer's and is 86.
Yin And Yang
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Awe!! We have a loved one at Church whose grandma in law is in the hospital and has Alzheimer's. She doesn't quite remember her but she calls her "the one who gives great hugs!" So my friend feels so loved and cherished. She may not remember her name but her hugs are certainly memorable to this precious grandma! :0)
Jann Nikka
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No I stayed home binge watching Orange is the new black.

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I was very busy, relaxing. I was busy eating a chicken parmesan panini for lunch at a great restaurant. Then I got busy eating some warm butterscotch pudding at home. Then my day got real crazy when I took a nap. One of my best buds came over to borrow a few tools and I was busy carrying them to his truck.

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Ancient Hippy
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I actually have a busy day tomorrow Tom. (a real one)
Yin And Yang
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Now now now Hippy.... you must listen to all us nurses trying to get you rested and well again! NO more busy days!
Ancient Hippy
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Fridays are usually busy days for me. I'll be in and out of the house a dozen times today.
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Drove my wife to the airport (hour one way), had a Whopper on the way back.  Planted a bunch of amaryllis bulbs and iris rhizomes.  Did a load of laundry.  I'm just exhausted. 

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I definitely did! I had a dentist appointment, vet appointment, and had to meet with a client who decided she no longer liked the color scheme she was dead set on creating herself a week ago.

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My husband is on this kick of he has to live life to the fullest everyday! So he dragged us out to a park in 104 degree weather, then on our way back the truck started messing up, then we were late picking up our 9 year old from school, then it was cook dinner (Yin shudders) and so does the rest of the family! LOL! Then it was off to him taking us out to pool hop! Then I squeezed in a couple things from the grocery store. Put two exhausted kids to bed. Cleaned the kitchen, started laundry. Right now he has half of the family out battling a gym in their Pokemon Go game! He wont stop!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!! O_O

SOS!!!! Tomorrow he is doing the brakes so I get to rest! LOL!

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Actually, I'm so busy today and I did not intend to answer this question for the first time. But I let all things behind and write this :>

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